1. How can I create an account on LiveTickets?

To create an account on LiveTickets you must press the "Create account" button from the upper right menu. In the newly opened window you can easily connect with your Facebook account. As an alternative, you can create an account with email and password.

2. Why do I need an account?

You will need the account in order to buy tickets. We respect your privacy and we guarantee that you data won't be sold or transferred in any way to any other third party. With the created the account you can visualize the tickets you bought, to edit the name on the tickets or to transfer them to other persons.

3. What can I do if I forgot the password?

In case you forgot your password, you can recover it by clicking the "I forgot my password" button from the login form.

4. How can I pay?

You can pay online, with your credit or debit card after you confirm the order. The payment is done safe with the latest security standards and it's processed by SC NETOPIA SRL ( MobilPay), our payment processing partner.

5.  Is the payment done safely?

The online payment is done completely safe through MobilPay, the payment processing service of SC NETOPIA SRL, using the most modern security standards - PCS DSS level 3. As an extra safety measure, all transactions are done through 3D Secure system, a safe environment, certified by VISA and MasterCard, which protects the data confidentiality.

6. What happens if the payment fails?

If the payment is not done successfully, the order is available for another 20 minutes to retry payment. After the 20 minutes have expired, the order will be voided automatically.

7. How can I buy tickets?

From the events page, select the event you want to buy tickets for. Once on the event page you must follow the next steps" Step 1 - Select the ticket category - Select the category and the number of tickets for each category Step 2 - Payment summary - Before you make the payment you will see details regarding the number of order tickets and their value, the service tax, the payment method and the delivery method. Step 3 - Ticket payment - The last step is to pay the tickets through the selected payment method. After the payment was done you will receive a confirmation email.

8. What is the service fee?

The service fee is the cost of using the LiveTickets platform. The organizer can chose if the service fee is included in the ticket price or added on top of the ticket price.

9. What is 'My Tickets' section?

It's a feature which acts as a ticket wallet: you can see all the tickets you bought, you can edit the name and you can transfer them to other persons. .

10. My ticket has another name on it. Is it a problem?

It's not a problem if the ticket has another name on it. At the entrance of the event only the QR code will be scanned. If you wish to change the name on the ticket you can do this from "My Tickets" section on the website.

11.  How long is a ticket order available?

From the moment you have selected the number of tickets you want , you have 20 minutes to pay. After 20 minutes, the order will be voided automatically.

12. How do I receive the ticket?

From the moment you order has been confirmed, you will receive automatically: - Your electronic ticket in "My Tickets" section on the website - Your mobile ticket on the email address you used to create the account (if you chose to login with Facebook you will receive it on the email you login to your account)

13.  How do I use my ticket at an event?

To use the ticket at an event you must present at the entrance the electronic ticket, directly from your smartphone, in order to be scanned by one of the organizers.

14. What happens if I lose the email containing the ticket?

All you tickets are available all the time in your account, after you login and head to "My tickets" section.

15.  Can I print my ticket?

The QR code can be presented from any paper type, as long as it's readable. We recommend to use your phone to display the ticket. LiveTicket has committed to being eco-friendly and does not use paper tickets.

16.  How can I get an invoice for the tickets?

LiveTickets through it’s LiveTickets service is a middle man between the event organizers and the customers and does not own the tickets put for sale. The invoice can be obtained by contacting directly the event organizer.

17. My question is not here. What can I do?

You can send us your question to support@livetickets.ro and we will get back to you in max 48h.