Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms
Terms and conditions of use of the site www.livetickets.ro (named 'Terms and Conditions') determine the conditions under which any person can visit or access the website www.livetickets.ro (named 'Site' and / or 'LiveTickets') or can use in any way the LiveTickets Service offered through the Site (named  'LiveTickets Service'), and has a value of agreements between SC Flow Concept SRL (named 'LiveTickets'), headquartered in Bucharest, sector 3, Istria Street, nr. 9 bl 7, ap 19, having registration number in the Trade Register J40 / 12667/2015, VAT number 35132063, as the owner and administrator of the Site and provider of LiveTickets Service, an online platform for buying and selling tickets for events, and any person visiting or accessing the website or who wishes to use in any manner or actually use the LiveTickets service (hereinafter 'User').
       Non-acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, or any foreknowledgement, that person draws an obligation to cease forthwith accessing the Site. Further access or visiting of the Site, any page in it and / or use of the LiveTickets Service, and any component thereof is a full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and any of its stipulations.
2. Information concerning the processing of personal data
Using the services provided by the website signifies your consent expressly that LiveTickets will process, store and transmit personal data provided by users. According to Romanian Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, and the Law. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, LiveTickets will manage safely and only for specified purposes personal data you provide about yourself. The purpose of data collection is:
- advertising
- marketing
- electronic communications services
Your refusal makes it impossible to benefit from the services provided by LiveTickets. The information provided is intended for use by LiveTickets and only to the following recipients: - LiveTickets contractual partners and other companies in the same group with LiveTickets.
By entering the site, you will receive information about products, services, events etc. offered by LiveTickets and its contractual partners. According to Law no. 677/2001, you have:
- The right of access
- The right to modify the data
- The right not to be subject to individual decisions
- The right to go to court
You also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and request deletion of data. You agree that deleting your personal data will be followed by deleting your account from the system and unable to use the services and products offered by LiveTickets. To exercise these rights can make a request in writing and your requirement to be sent by e-mail to: mailto:support@livetickets.ro. If some of your information is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible.
Materials and information accessible through the Site, the contents and the graphics of the Site, including but not limited to, all text content and technical sources of all services and facilities present and future, except unless it is expressly mentioned another owner, source pages and any other material, in any form and submitted by users (through direct visualization to the site, newsletter etc.) belong to LiveTickets and its represents the site's content.
Site content, regardless of where is located in the Site and regardless of type, can be used exclusively for personal use. Any use of content by third parties for purposes other than personal, can be made only with written consent and express prior from LiveTickets. Thus it is prohibited to copy, download, reproduce, publish, transfer, sale, distribution, partial, full or modified content of this site or any part thereof for reasons other than personal, with the following exceptions:
  • Reproduce (noncommercial websites, forums, news articles, etc.) small excerpts from articles published (max. 2 paragraphs). Specify the source of information retrieved is mandatory following form: (Source: LiveTickets - www.livetickets.ro)
  • Links are allowed to the Site with specification of the source of information and will be made after the end of each link or article as follows: "Information provided courtesy of LiveTickets'.
LiveTickets reserves the right to sue any person and / or entity if in any way violates the above provisions. Requests to use Content for any purpose site other than personal can be made by e-mail: mailto:hello@livetickets.ro. Any person consigning in any way information or materials to the site understands not to prejudice in any way the copyrights of a third party could invoke in relation to materials and information submitted in any way to the site, and people who post information or materials in any way understand and accept that in any way breach of this obligation cannot engage in any way LiveTickets liability, but only liability of the persons concerned.
3. Paid services: Buying tickets for events.
  1. LiveTickets through it’s LiveTickets Service and the agreements settled with event organisers is offering to sell tickets for a wide range of events for the registered users on the site, in return for paying these tickets.
  2. Tickets ordered or paid through the Site will be sent to the user on the registered email.
  3. No tickets will be sold to persons who have not made a prior order of tickets for the Event via the Site.
  4. No tickets will be sold to persons who did not provide proof of payment or who have not been accurate when completing the data entry form when registering on the Site.
  5. LiveTickets reserves the right to cancel orders that do not contain the correct information identifying recipients of services.
  6. According to the contracts with the event organizers through which LiveTickets offers the LiveTickets Service, additional processing fees can occur and will be separately identified in ticket order details.
  7. Selected places are reserved upon confirmation of your payment.
  8. LiveTickets reserves the right to alter fares without public announcement in advance.
  9. LiveTickets platform uses a dynamic type commissioning system. Price may vary depending on numerous factors, including but not limited to application date or performance ratings. Dynamic commissioning system is used to create a shopping experience accessible to any potential customer.
  10. The amounts shown are the final amounts.
4. Usage of the tickets
Access to performances will be made only after validation of the entrance ticket's QR code, with the help of the LiveTickets scan app or by using the electronic portal LiveTickets. There are multiple ways of presenting QR code for validation:
a) Printed ticket received by e-mail
b) E-mail presented directly to a mobile terminal
c) Electronic ticket on mobile phone in the 'My Tickets' link on Site
It is your duty to ensure the proper functioning of the mobile terminal and the existence and validity of the electronic ticket, Internet access, etc. Alternatively, if there is no possibility of presenting the electronic ticket, it is your duty to print the electronic ticket, so that the identification elements are visible (QR, show information).
If multiple tickets are purchased for an event, users will receive multiple unique QR codes which will show the number of tickets purchased.
By purchasing tickets on the Site, users agree to comply with the operating rules of the location where the event will take place and/or the rules for access imposed by the organizer of the event, as they are published on the official website, Facebook page and / or any other electronic or printed information method. The organizer reserves the right to deny access to those individuals who do not comply with the operating rules of the location where the event will take place and / or access rules imposed by the organiser for the scheduled event.
LiveTickets does not grant any compensation if access was not allowed due to violation of any provision of the operating rules of the location where the event will take place and/or the access rules set by the event organizer for the scheduled event.
5.Payment methods
To purchase tickets, LiveTickets Service supports the following methods of payment:
- Payment by credit card provided by MobilPay (SC NETOPIA SRL)
6.Payment by credit card
Payments through credit or debit cards are processed by MobilPay (SC Netopia SRL) LiveTickets partner in processing the payments. Communication between client and payment processor is via a secure SSL connection, the data transmitted is encrypted. All your financial information will be processed solely by the payment processor. LiveTickets does not store, receive or process in any banking transaction details (card number, CVV, expiration date, etc.). Payment processing will be done only in LEI. If the customer has the account in another currency, the amount will be automatically converted LEI, by Garanti Bank at the bank rate of the day.
7. Data traffic
Data traffic associated with the use of the Site are charged according to the tariff planof the user's mobile phone operator.
8. Return of the ticket's value
LiveTickets is not under any obligation to return the money for tickets bought. LiveTickets through it’s LiveTickets Service is an intermediary between event organisers and buyers and does not own any of the tickets up for sale.
Return policy to be applied will be enforced by the organizer. Contact details of all events organizers are attached to each event.
Refunding of the money is the responsibility of the organizer of the event and it can be done for a spirit of fair play, as long as the cited reasons are exceptional (eg cancellation of the show)
To benefit for the return of money for purchased tickets is required to send an e-mail to the event organizer with the subject 'RETURN -Number order-' together with a copy of proof of payment for the order, received from the payment processor.
The amount returned does not include the processing fees applied by the payment processor and the service fees for using the LiveTickets service.
9. Limitation of liability
  1. LiveTickets is not responsible in any way, in any action and does not bear any responsibility for processing payments service.
  2. LiveTickets is not responsible for any errors and / or fraud arising out of, or in connection with this service. However, while payment services are offered and conducted fully and independently by our suppliers, LiveTickets will take all reasonable steps to minimize the risk of these errors and / or fraud.
  3. LiveTickets does not undertake or guarantee either express or implied, for the content provided by partners or users of the Site. LiveTickets will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidence in the site and try to correct errors and omissions as quickly as possible. However, LiveTickets is not responsible for inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the information provided by Users.
  4. Specifically, Site users agree to waive the liability on LiveTickets for any judicial or extrajudicial action that comes as a result of misuse or fraudulent use of the Site.
  5. In the event of force majeure, LiveTickets and / or operators, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and its representatives are exempt from total liability. Cases of force majeure include, but are not limited to, malfunctioning of technical equipment of LiveTickets, lack of internet connection, lack of mobile telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to systems Site, operation errors, strike, war etc.
  6. Users waive claims, demands, actions, charges, losses, damages, costs (including, without any limitation, attorneys' fees), costs, judgments, decisions, fines, accruals and other liabilities arising or related to any other User action regarding the use of the LiveTickets Service or any other aspect related LiveTickets Service.

10. Changing of the Terms & Conditions
LiveTickets has the right to modify at any time and in anyway any provision of the Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions entirely without any prior notice and without being obliged to fulfill any other formality to users. Any change is fully and unconditionally accepted by Site users by simply using or accessing any of the services offered by the site or service LiveTickets or by accessing the Site, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of use of the Site, in form and content from accessing time.
11. Governing law. Litigation
The rights and obligations of Site users and of LiveTickets Service provided by Terms and Conditions and all legal effects they produce shall be construed and governed in accordance with Romanian law in force. Any dispute arising out of or related to the Terms and Conditions shall be settled amicably. In case of impossibility to reach an agreement, the dispute will be settled by the competent Romanian court located within the area of Bucharest.